Screen showing 2 speakers at Virtual Career Fair, snippet of hybrid event session titled The Direction of Your Career

Attract and hire the right talent with a virtual career fair

Screen showing 2 speakers at Virtual Career Fair, snippet of hybrid event session titled The Direction of Your Career
Modernize your career fair with a virtual experience. With an intuitive and customizable layout, Hopin makes it simple for job seekers and recruiters to truly connect.

How HackerX successfully pivoted its recruiting events to online

Help talent find the job they want

Remove the physical barriers and virtually connect employers to job seekers. With Hopin, prospective talent can attend panels, visit booths, engage with recruiters and build networks from the comfort of their homes.

  • Attend classes, panels or workshops
  • Network one-on-one with attendees, recruiters or employers
  • Ask questions to potential employers via chat or live video
  • Browse booths and download employer resources
Woman sitting at blue desk using laptop in a video call with 3 people during a virtual career fair

Empower employers to recruit more effectively

Hiring takes vast amounts of time, resources, and money. With Hopin, recruiters can widen the application pool to more efficiently reach talented candidates.

  • Design booths with custom branding, videos and downloadable resources
  • Host informational sessions with live Q&A
  • Communicate with candidates in open chat rooms or set up one-on-one chats
  • Follow up with job seekers after the career fair
Man wearing glasses sitting at desk attending virtual career fair, snippet of Virtual Career Fair showing event information and ticket price

Enable organizers to deliver an exceptional event

Recruiters don’t need to be technology experts to use Hopin. Hopin has the flexibility and scalability required to make your next career fair the best yet — without coding or technical expertise.

  • Build a custom event with multiple areas and unique content — including keynotes, sessions, booths, networking, etc
  • Create different ticket types for recruiters, sponsors and job seekers and create VIP and exclusive event rooms for specific ticket holders
  • Leverage analytics to understand attendee behavior and analyze key metrics
  • Get tutorials, 24/7 support and white glove service to ensure the event is a success
Man speaking on stage, snippet of hybrid event analytics showing chat messages by area for stages, sessions and booths for career fair

Make events about people, not places