Meet Saint Rock Media, an events agency that’s used Hopin for hundreds of successful virtual and hybrid events

Meet Saint Rock Media, an events agency that’s used Hopin for hundreds of successful virtual and hybrid events

Hopin to the rescue!

After years of hosting successful in-person events, Saint Rock Media CEO and founder Kalah Haley had to rethink her entire business model to stay competitive. She needed to find an intuitive, interactive event platform that was customizable to each client's unique brand and could deliver an attendee experience that lived up to the incredibly high standards Saint Rock Media's customers had come to expect. 

Enter Hopin. 

"We needed an event platform that really makes that experience seamless [...] That's really important, making sure that the platform is really a one-stop-shop." –Kalah Haley, CEO and Founder, Saint Rock Media

Hopin’s easy-to-use platform meant Kalah, who was using the event management suite for the first time, was able to set her first event up on her own in only two days. The event's primary goal was to register 500 attendees, and Kalah was delighted to smash that target using Hopin's easy ticketing and registration features, with more than 1,300 people registering from over 60 countries. 

Since then, Saint Rock Media has thrown over 100 virtual and hybrid events on Hopin, attracting speakers and performers like Mark Cuban, Mellody Hobson, and Jonathan Butler. 

Man wearing suit and tie looking down at event cards while holding microphone standing in front of professional light
Man wearing suit and tie looking down at event cards while holding microphone standing in front of professional light

"What has kept us with Hopin is that they have continuously evolved as a platform and really made sure to take feedback from their customers, then implemented it very quickly. Honestly, they've really separated themselves from other platforms on the market."

Kalah Haley
CEO and Founder, Saint Rock Media

Offering a more inclusive and engaging experience to all key stakeholders

Since its first event, Saint Rock Media has used Hopin to throw everything from pitch competitions and corporate conferences to startup launches and even kids’ summer camps. 

And, thanks to Hopin's wide range of features and integrated tools that are tailored to the needs of sponsors, attendees, and speakers, Kalah and her team continually deliver above and beyond client expectations. Hopin's virtual expo booth feature, for example, allows event sponsors to host live and pre-recorded content, better engage with attendees, and effortlessly capture leads that they can export with a couple of clicks. 

People who attend events produced by Saint Rock Media also get the opportunity to build genuine connections with one another thanks to Hopin's speed networking features.

"Attendees love speed networking. That is their favorite part of the platform by far, I would say. So any time you are putting on an event inside of Hopin, I would definitely recommend adding networking as a part of the program." –Kalah Haley, CEO and Founder, Saint Rock Media

Hopin also takes the stress out of speaker management for Saint Rock Media clients. The virtual green room allows speakers to prepare before taking the stage, where they can engage directly with attendees during their presentations. And because Kalah and her team use the Xeo integration with Hopin, attendees can applaud the speaker through their phones – giving speakers the kind of feedback missing from most virtual event platforms. 

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The Hopin features Saint Rock Media uses for memorable events

  • Custom Branding: Saint Rock customizes each event to align with their clients' visual branding and TOV. For smaller events, they streamline the platform by only using the areas they need to provide the best possible attendee experience.
  • Multiple Ticket Types: Kalah and her team do all their event ticketing through Hopin. The multiple ticket types, detailed reporting, and intuitive registration page provide a seamless registration experience for attendees.
  • Networking: Attendees love the one-to-one and group speed networking opportunities provided at Saint Rock Media's events. 
  • Expo: Event sponsors see massive ROI from their virtual expo booths. The ability to toggle back and forth between live and pre-recorded content and customize the look and feel of the booth helps sponsors deliver the best possible experience.
  • GoFundMe: Kalah and her team use GoFundMe heavily with their nonprofit clients. The integration allows companies to add social impact to their events and engage their audience with a seamless in-event donation experience.
  • Integrations: Saint Rock Media regularly uses Hopin's integrations with KUDO and Interprefy to ensure attendees enjoy event content worldwide in their native language.
  • Reporting: Saint Rock Media uses Hopin's reporting and analytics features to prove the impact and ROI of events to clients and event sponsors. This includes location data on attendees, attendance rates, viewing figures for specific sessions, sponsorship booth engagement, and more.

"We've had a lot of success onboarding attendees onto the platform [...] Hopin's done a really tremendous job making the experience very intuitive for attendees."

Kalah Haley
CEO and Founder, Saint Rock Media

Growing faster by going hybrid

Virtual and hybrid events break down the many barriers to attending events and help event organizers reach a wider, more global audience. Since Saint Rock Media began using Hopin to produce and host events, their clients' communities have grown tremendously. A 200-person academic conference Kalah and her team work with, for instance, now attracts over 1,200 attendees.  

The analytics and reporting Hopin provides Saint Rock Media have played an important role in their success. Clients, sponsors, and other partners, for example, know they're working with a trusted partner because the agency can quantify their value. Across their 100+ events on Hopin, they've consistently scored between 8.5-9 on NPS and have an impressive average attendance rate of 80% or above.

“I believe that Hopin really did create a platform that helped to bring the [COVID-19] world back together. So for that, I'm super grateful to be a part of the Hopin ecosystem and family. And I'm excited to see what the next year brings.” –Kalah Haley, CEO and Founder, Saint Rock Media


Average NPS score


Average attendance rate


Events hosted on Hopin

"We've really optimized our solutions for hybrid events. For us, what that means is creating strategic partnerships. And so in terms of what Saint Rock has to offer, we are the glue that brings all of these other pieces together [...] We've defined this triangular relationship between the venue, the event technology, and agency"

Kalah Haley
CEO and Founder, Saint Rock Media

Lots of virtual audience buzz

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