Meet Medallia, an experience management platform that is leveling up customer, prospect, and employee event experiences with Hopin

Meet Medallia, an experience management platform that is leveling up customer, prospect, and employee event experiences with Hopin

A flagship conference for customer experience experts

Medallia is a software provider that helps users manage and improve experiences for customers, employees, and citizens. Its Medallia Experience Cloud platform uses artificial intelligence to better understand how customer interactions are playing out on calls, digital channels, and in person. 

The Medallia team prides itself on the company’s internal and external events — all of which they consider business critical. Medallia events include internal meetups like the company’s quarterly Engage conference for their 250 remote employees, external webinars focused on lead generation, and their showstopper event for Medallia's product Stella Connect, a day-long, customer-facing conference called Level Up. The overarching goal for all of these events is for attendees to leave feeling connected, excited, and informed.

The Medallia team knew they needed a virtual event platform so they could deliver immersive, engaging online experiences that would generate leads and bring in sales opportunities. They chose Hopin for its intuitive interface, user-friendly qualities, and networking functionality. They were also attracted to the platform’s exhibitor elements and the fact sponsors could build their own booths. With Hopin in the mix, the small-but-mighty Medallia team could quickly and easily build and run all their events on a single platform. 

"I spent a lot of time trying to find the right platform that provided the engagement to make it really feel like an actual event, instead of just logging on and staring at a screen for a while. That was the reason we brought Hopin on." –Kerrie Bond-MacInnes, Director of Global Events, Medallia

"Everything that I demoed, everything that I attended, I was just comparing to Hopin, because Hopin really seemed like the standard to me [...] I saw lots of great platforms, lots of interesting solutions, but nothing compared to the environment that Hopin provides."

Kerrie Bond-MacInnes
Director of Global Events, Medallia

Boosting conversation for employees and clients on Hopin

The Medallia team typically only has one or two employees handling the setup and execution for their online experiences, so an intuitive platform is crucial to their success. They’re also charged with tailoring events to specific industries and audience interests, as well as incorporating user-generated content into their virtual experiences. They find it easy to address all of these elements on Hopin.

"The day-of event experience is so streamlined, it’s so easy." –Kerrie Bond-MacInnes, Director of Global Events, Medallia 

Networking and conversation are cornerstones of Medallia events, and the team uses Hopin’s chat features to create energy throughout their experiences. They begin each virtual experience with an icebreaker to spark conversation right away. Medallia events feature agenda slots for networking to make sure attendees have dedicated time to connect with sponsors and one another. Hopin’s integration with Snapbar also allows attendees to take selfies and have some fun.

Speakers enjoy a streamlined experience in the Hopin backstage, powered by StreamYard. The Medallia team adds backgrounds and banners to live streamed content, and highlights comments in the event chat on screen to boost engagement. This drives bi-directional conversation and creates an immersive experience for attendees.

The Medallia team uses Hopin’s in-the-moment analytics capabilities to keep their finger on the pulse of each event. They also use analytics to inform future event content.

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Hopin’s features help Medallia engage customers, employees, and prospects

Medallia uses the following Hopin product features to bring their events to life:

  • Event stages: The team uses different stages throughout the virtual venue to host inspiring keynote speakers and to spotlight educational customer and employee stories. 
  • Networking: Attendees are invited to network 30 minutes before each Medallia event starts as part of the company’s aim to bring employees and customers together. Hopin’s video networking functionality is especially useful for internal events as it gives Medallia’s remote employees a place to connect and strengthen their sense of community. 
  • Q&A: Customer-focused event content often details how different companies are using Medallia’s software. Hopin’s Q&A feature gives attendees the ability to ask questions about customer success stories and get more information on how the software works.
  • Expo area: The Medallia team encourages partners to set up their own booths, which can be quickly and easily customized on Hopin. Many partners also use their booths to host content programs and add value to their event presence.
  • Integrations: Hopin’s integration with Snapbar’s photo booth injects some fun into Medallia’s events, while the Interprefy integration allows attendees to select a language for real-time translation.
  • Reporting: Hopin’s mid-event and post-event reporting capabilities help the Medallia team evaluate success and make informed adjustments to their content and event strategy.

"What I find very cool about the exhibitor booths is the ability for them to go live within their booth [...] I think it is an incredible way to utilize that feature and it's very beneficial for them [Partners]. It's a huge value add to be able to have that opportunity."

Kerrie Bond-MacInnes
Director of Global Events, Medallia

Driving new business and engagement with Hopin

Medallia’s employees, partners, and customers have high praise for the company’s events. They’ve been particularly impressed with Hopin’s  straightforward interface, production quality, and partner booth experience.

Since hosting their flagship conference on Hopin, the Medallia team has seen an attendance rate 80% higher than expected, based on previous events. More than 50% of conference attendees stayed for the entirety of Level Up’s day-long agenda. Some noted it was the “best virtual conference” and the “most joyful experience” they had all year. Plus, as a direct result of the most recent Level Up experience, Medallia landed hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business. Customers are also asking more questions at webinars and fewer attendees are logging off early. 

Medallia has achieved excellent levels of engagement at its internal events as well. The company's first quarterly Engage conference saw an impressive 600 networking meetings, with over 90% of employees using Hopin's networking features to connect with team members outside of their department.

Hopin’s analytics capabilities are now supporting the Medallia team as they shape future event content. They’re able to gather attendee engagement insights that help them adapt future events and ultimately meet their goals of informing customers, driving new sales opportunities, and supporting renewals.

After dozens of successful events and positive feedback from key stakeholders, the Medallia team plans to continue hosting virtual events on Hopin. They’re also exploring how they can use the platform to deliver engaging hybrid experiences.

"As long as I’m at Medallia, as long as I do events, I’m always going to want to have Hopin involved. It’s built for the future of events." –Kerrie Bond-MacInnes, Director of Global Events, Medallia 


Level Up 2021 registrations


Live attendees at Level Up 2021


Of attendees stayed for the full day of Level Up 2021


Higher attendance for Level Up 2021 on Hopin


Average webinar registration


Networking meetings at Medallia's first internal conference

"In the past we would see people log off early, or very obviously have something open in another tab [...] But we find that people are very engaged [on Hopin] those are the metrics that I find very impressive. And when it comes to the business value, our big conferences have driven a really incredible amount of new business for the company."

Kerrie Bond-MacInnes
Director of Global Events, Medallia

Lots of virtual audience buzz

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