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Meet Latinas in Tech, a nonprofit that used Hopin to throw its largest ever annual summit

Meet Latinas in Tech, a nonprofit that used Hopin to throw its largest ever annual summit

Tech for Good

A nonprofit founded in 2014 by two friends from Silicon Valley in need of career support, Latinas in Tech has a simple mission statement - 'To create a tech industry where Latinas are well-represented throughout all levels of the ecosystem by empowering them to be innovators and leaders.'

As part of this mission, since 2017, the organization has been throwing an annual summit that offers a space for Latinas to connect and celebrate their accomplishments together.

When the pandemic struck, they quickly transitioned from their usual physical summit in San Francisco to an entirely virtual event. As an early-stage nonprofit, the biggest challenge they faced during this pivot to virtual was resourcing. After extensive research, they chose Hopin as their virtual events platform due to its ease of use.

"For the majority of the planning, we only had three sets of hands on deck to tackle everything from Tech Ops to video production, speaker management, marketing and comms, and attendee experience. So it was really beneficial and helpful to have a platform like Hopin, so intuitive and easy to use for our team" - Gabriela Reyes.

The decision to go virtual was quickly rewarded. Along with landing sponsors like Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, Google, and NBC Comcast, over 1,400 people registered for the event, making it the largest ever Latinas in Tech Summit.


"With this virtual summit, we were able to make our event much more accessible to our community all over the US and even internationally."

Gabriela Reyes.
Head of Marketing.

Investing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To achieve the three strategic goals of the Latinas in Tech Summit 2021, Gabriela and her team used a combination of different Hopin features.

  1. Learn from inspiring speakers - Through curated sessions on the main stage, attendees enjoyed insightful talks from speakers like Senator Alex Padilla, Victoria A. Espinel, and Lorena Hernandez.
  2. Powerfully network - The one-on-one and group networking video features of Hopin allowed attendees to make new connections with fellow Latinas even during the pandemic.
  3. Explore career opportunities - By providing event sponsors with their own expo booths, attendees could explore new job opportunities at tech companies committed to diversity and inclusion.

Having been concerned about resourcing before the event, the team at Latinas in Tech were relieved with how easy running everything was over the two days of the summit.

"It was remarkably easy and intuitive to use Hopin for our virtual summit. I don't consider myself someone who's extremely technically savvy. And I was able to set up the event, the schedule, the description, the reception, all of it, with very little help from our tech team" - Gabriela Reyes.
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Key Stakeholders Feedback

Feedback on the event experience from critical stakeholders was also positive.

  • Speakers enjoyed how easy it was to join the event and engage with the audience.
  • Attendees found the summit easy to navigate, with almost no traffic to the dedicated help desk that Latinas in Tech had set up.
  • Sponsors loved the interactivity of the expo booths, using polls and quizzes as ice breakers for attendees interested in working at their company.




Attendance Rate



"Our speakers loved Hopin because it was so simple to join the event, see what's happening in the agenda, and then pop into the sessions to interact with the audience and answer questions from the chat."

Gabriela Reyes.
Head of Marketing.

A Record-Breaking Summit

Having trialled a fully virtual event for the first time, Latinas in Tech were thrilled with the results. They achieved an incredible NPS of 9.7, their highest ever. This was especially impressive given the event was three times larger than any previous Latinas in Tech Summit.

"During and after our Latinas in Tech Summit, our attendees were ecstatic. They were energized, and they felt more connected than ever before. We were so happy to learn that the NPS was 9.7, which was the highest NPS we've ever achieved" - Gabriela Reyes.

The summit's high NPS was mirrored online, with lots of buzz on social media and an increase in LinkedIn followers from 13,000 to 16,000 in the two weeks after the event.

Sponsors were similarly impressed - in post-event follow-ups, they all marked the event 5/5 and were happy to recommend it to other tech companies.

The response from the Latinas in Tech community was so overwhelmingly positive; it has impacted future event strategy for the nonprofit. To keep the accessibility and scale of Latinas in Tech Summit 2021, all future summits will be hybrid, allowing even more Latinas to connect and thrive.


Average attendee NPS


Networking connections made


New LinkedIn followers

"Our team, community and sponsors were so impressed with the results of this virtual summit hosted on Hopin that for the coming years we have now chosen to go with a hybrid approach."

Gabriela Reyes.
Head of Marketing.

Lots of virtual audience buzz

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