Miro wanted to make Distributed 2020 their best event yet

Last year, Miro hosted Distributed 2019 in one virtual room on a meeting platform. They wanted to level up Distributed 2020 by making the event feel more like a conference and less like a meeting.

To do this, they needed an event platform that allowed them to create multiple virtual rooms for different sections of the summit and that gave them more networking capabilities.

Because they were already accepting registration for Distributed 2020, they also needed a platform that would allow them to seamlessly add people already registered to the new event platform.

How Miro used Hopin to create an educational experience for attendees while promoting their product and increasing sales

Miro chose Hopin to host Distributed 2020.

Ashley Jenkins, an event coordinator at Miro, says she likes that Hopin is both highly customizable and easy to set up.

The transition to using Hopin was seamless. Using magic links, Miro added people already registered for Distributed 2020 to the Hopin event. Attendees were then easily able to join the event when it started.

Miro used all of Hopin’s different virtual room options for Distributed 2020, including:

  • The reception area where they outlined the event schedule, provided an event summary, shared how users could find different areas and content within Hopin, and shared a link to their whiteboard product Miro.
  • The stage for keynote speakers. They worked with a virtual event broadcasting company called Catapult to elevate and polish keynote presentations.
  • Sessions for collaborative talks and panels.
  • Networking for one-on-one networking conversations between event attendees. They provided icebreaker questions for networking so that event attendees would feel more comfortable networking and meeting new people.
  • The Expo area for sponsor booths as well as Miro’s own booths to promote their virtual whiteboard.

Jenkins says that creating these booths, “allowed us to keep the content on the main stage, less salesy … and [keep] the engagement and viewership on the screen high.”

The Hopin team created an integration between Miro’s whiteboard platform and Hopin for Distributed 2020. With this integration, Miro was able to embed their online whiteboard tool into live sessions in Hopin. Event speakers and attendees were then able to collaborate on the whiteboard in real time during the virtual event.


The results

30,000 people registered for Distributed 2020 and 15,000+ people attended the virtual summit. Each session had between 1,300 and 3,000 viewers.

Hopin is a really great choice for your event if you want to maintain everything in the same area and if you want a more seamless event. Hopin has all the features you need.
Ashley Jenkins
Event coordinator at Miro
What attendees said about the event:

"The content was really well done. I love the collaborative format that using Miro boards creates. I also thought Hopin was great — the reception area was useful and it was really easy to find out what sessions were happening when."

"I really love how easy it was to find everything on Hopin. The whole platform was organized very well! By far the best and most interactive remote event I have attended so far."

"Hopin was awesome. The event never felt remote and tiring. Kudos to the Miro team and Hopin platform.”