How this Hopin event made over $150,000 from ticket sales

About How this Hopin event made over $150,000 from ticket sales

The event happened on April 14-16, 2020 and consisted of three transformative days of live presentations and panel discussions with numerous topics and localized breakout sessions and workshops. Attendees received knowledge and tools from world-class speakers and leaders, including María Fernanda Espinosa, Peter Diamandis, Jim Kwik, Anousheh Ansari, Salim Ismail, Verne Harnish, and Dr. Daniel Kraft.


ExO World Summit is a highly collaborative, global event and the organizers were looking for a platform that enabled maximum interaction and engagement between attendees and speakers over three days.

Additionally, the organizers needed the platform to work with cutting edge livestreaming tools to achieve high quality video production.


Hopin's all-in-one offering let the event happen all in one place, working seamlessly with studio software and providing key features including breakout rooms, 1:1 video networking, referral tracking, recordings, speaker booths, analytics, and ticket registrations.

Used key features:


With over a 90% turnout rate, ExO World Summit ran globally on Hopin for 56 hours start to finish. The 2,800 guests and 130 speakers were wowed by the professionally produced main stage and live interview formats.

Using the Hopin Networking feature, 2,797 person-to-person connections were made at the event. One attendee booked over 100 follow-up meetings! In the end, the event sold over $150,000 in ticket sales and organizers documented their learnings and processes that they have already started applying to their next Hopin events.


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