What Six-figure Sponsorship Packages Look Like for Virtual Events [Whitepaper]

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Want to see what a $50,000 sponsorship package looks like for a virtual event? Keep reading.

As a virtual event organizer, you’ve probably heard from your sponsors that virtual events just don’t deliver the same value as physical events.

They don’t feel the same.

People don’t show up and if they do, they’re less engaged.

There’re fewer touchpoints and branding placements.

I would’ve agreed with you—that physical events are better for sponsors—but after seeing thousands of events hosted on Hopin that have successfully generated multiple millions of dollars in sponsorship revenue, I’ve seen the contrary.

In fact, moving an event online can actually amplify the value of sponsoring it.

Here’s how -- a virtual event increases the benefits for sponsors in a number of ways:

  • More branding opportunities.
  • More data.
  • More reach.
  • More engagement with your messaging.
  • More leads.
  • More momentum.

The key is knowing how to deliver this value.

One way is through data, such as:

  • The average turnout rate for events hosted on Hopin is 80%.
  • The average length of events hosted on Hopin is 34 hours.
  • The average number of attendees who navigate to the Expo area is 60.6%.

Organizers can also deliver engagement analytics to sponsors, such as:

  • Who went where and for how long
  • Who registered interest (i.e., badge scan) at digital booths
  • How many people were [where] throughout the event
  • Participation duration and turnout rate
  • Who connected with who

There’s a lot more than data. There’s branding, polls, chat transcripts, goodwill, direct feedback from attendees, ad roll, sponsored messages and presentations, demos, partnerships, and more.

One first-time sponsor of an event hosted on Hopin said this to the organizer afterward:

Kudos to you all! This Hopin/virtual thing has been a success from where I sit...literally and figuratively. Very easy to navigate, intuitive. What more do you need than access to presentations, sponsor ‘booths’, other attendees to chat, breakouts....and best of all, ‘virtual tastings’, i.e., an opportunity to identify and follow-up with prospects. We have already identified and followed up with more prospects than we EVER have at ANY conference. Again, VERY well done! Thank you to you and your team!

So how does sponsoring a virtual event work?

Get the answers in an in-depth ebook we just published on how to generate six-figure sponsorship revenue from your virtual events, whether they’re happening on Hopin or somewhere else.

In addition to visual examples and takeaways, you’ll learn five concrete ways on how to generate high value for sponsors, including:

  1. How to capture more granular prospect data
  2. How to offer extensive control over brand exposure
  3. How to build engaging digital expo booths
  4. How to create incredibly targeted messaging
  5. How to effective follow-up with leads post-event

Plus, one company shares the blueprint for how they brought in $220,000 in sponsor revenue alone from one event hosted on Hopin.

Today, you can do the same.

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