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Events are a $1.1 trillion business. That’s trillion with a “t.”

It's a category that encompasses everything from business conferences and exhibitions, to concerts and sporting events, to fundraising galas, community gatherings, product launches, ceremonies, and beyond.

And it's a juggernaut that touches every edge of the globe, employs millions, and brings together hundreds of millions more.

The beating heart of this industry are event professionals—the ones who make the magic happen and who are a tribe unto themselves.

They dream up fantastical ideas and bring them to life through logistical wizardry and grit. They share a work ethic bordering on the obsessive. They boast an impressive catalog of war stories and brushes with fame, as well as a healthy supply of superstitions.

So it’s about time that the producers got their own show.

That’s why Hopin is thrilled to unveil "Back of House LIVE"—a brand-new original podcast by and for event professionals.

Hosted by Anthony Kennada (CMO, Hopin) and Lauren Sommers (VP Corporate Marketing, Hopin), "Back of House LIVE" is a variety show that revels in all things events, featuring:

  • The latest news, ideas, and stories from the world of events
  • Lively, insightful conversations with event producers and thoughts leaders
  • Fun segments, such as “Ended Up on eBay” (on the afterlife of event swag) and “Brown M&Ms” (on the most outlandish riders)
  • Entertainment, including musical guests

The first event industry talk show, "Back of House LIVE" is recorded before a live, remote audience on Hopin, using StreamYard. New episodes are released every month.

Attend a live taping (you can follow our schedule on Hopin’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

And listen to new episodes at or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Season 1, Episode 1

  • The latest on California's reopening, plus the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Conversation with Sarah Sheway—pioneer in the experience economy, Founder & CEO of, and expert on sustainability in event production
  • “Ended Up on eBay” game

Episode 2

  • QR code creating drones and health passes
  • Conversation with Shae Wilbur—"American Idol" contestant turned TV producer and host, casting producer for "American Idol" and "America’s Got Talent"
  • Live concert series with Walker Burroughs

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