Events for All: Introducing Our Free Plan

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Over the last year, the world discovered virtual events as a way for people to come together, despite lockdowns and social distancing.

Hopin played a vital role in that story, enabling more than 100,000 organizers to host online gatherings for tens of millions of attendees from across the world.

What began as a necessity, however, very soon revealed a new way forward for gathering post-pandemic.

We realized that people could—and, indeed, should—be able to take part in the experiences and join the communities they care most about, no matter where they happen to be in the world.

In other words, we experienced how online events could open up a whole new world of access.

This idea—of removing barriers to shared experiences—has always been at the heart of our work at Hopin. It’s what motivated our CEO, Johnny Boufarhat, to found the company in the first place (in mid-2019, before even a flicker of the pandemic).

And it remains our north star, guiding our mission to make the world feel smaller and more connected.

It is in harmony with that idea, then, that we are pleased to launch a Free plan for Hopin Events.

Designed to extend the power of online gathering to all, this new plan gives everyone the ability to create immersive, interactive events on Hopin for free.

Host virtual and hybrid events on Hopin for free

An all-in-one event management platform, Hopin Events makes it easy for organizers to plan, produce, and promote events.

With the Free plan, event managers will be able to create events on Hopin, with:

  • Unlimited events every month
  • Up to 100 event attendees per event
  • Runtime of up to 2 hours per event

The Free plan is ideal for small webinars, internal meetings, meetups, personal events, and beyond.

With this plan, you can create a branded event landing page with registration, activate audience interaction through features like video networking and Q&A, and understand how your event performed through event analytics.

The plan also includes:

  • Professional live streaming with titles, graphics, and split-screen interviews (powered by StreamYard)
  • 1-on-1 video networking for event attendees
  • Registration
  • Event page builder with a single theme
  • Select integrations such as Slido, Kahoot, and Miro
  • Q&A, polls, and chat
  • One organizer per account
  • Email and chat support

For other Hopin Events features, including session recordings, multiple organizers, more than 100 registrations, branding options, and additional support, organizers can upgrade their plan.

The Hopin event platform goes far beyond traditional video conferencing and webinar tools:

  • Provides a single online destination with multiple virtual rooms—allowing for different kinds of content and ways of engagement
  • Offers an array of tools for audience engagement (e.g., video-based networking and Q&A, contests, quizzes, polls)
  • Gives hosts greater control over content via features like video production tools
  • Allows hosts to customize the online environment with branded elements
Read more about virtual event platforms.

With the new Free plan, all organizations and individuals will have access to the Hopin platform—so that everyone can create inspiring events, no matter their resources.

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