7 Apps That Will Take Your Events to New Dimensions

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Over the past two years, event organizers have shown incredible ingenuity and creativity, setting new standards for virtual experiences and pushing event platforms to the limit with bigger and better ideas to engage audiences.

At Hopin, we realize organizers need more space to let their creativity run wild and expand their events, all in the pursuit of wowing attendees. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the new Hopin App Area, a space to tap into apps that will engage audiences in new ways. 

Introducing the App Area

Give attendees more ways to interact with your event and network with one another using the App Area.

With this new functionality, select apps can be experienced in full screen. Attendees can also use their cameras and microphones to share testimonials, network in virtual worlds, and much more –– all without ever leaving your event.

Read on to learn more about seven apps now available in the App Area.

Virtual reality and dynamic networking

1. Mootup

Unlock the metaverse with Mootup –– a virtual reality events platform. With this new partner application, you can add virtual reality experiences for networking, breakout rooms, expo floors, and after parties.

Not only will your attendees be immersed in virtual worlds, they’ll get to interact with these worlds like never before. For example, Mootup lets you gamify your expo floors. Create tasks for attendees to complete, such as talking to vendors, and reward them with avatar skins or dance moves they can use at your after party.

2. Kumospace

Kumospace is a spatial audio platform that adds new dimensions for breakout rooms, networking, and after parties. Imagine hosting a networking event at the beach or a pool, complete with games and virtual drinks. Or maybe you want to host your after party on Mars! You can even create multiple rooms for attendees to explore.

Next-level games and activations

3. Webooth

As the world’s first multi-player photo booth, Webooth gives attendees opportunities to engage with your event in real-time. Experiences built through Webooth are tailored to your event.

Create branded, customized games, photo booths, launch parties, team building activities, and more, then watch as attendees battle their way up the leaderboard. You can even mint NFTs right inside Webooth. Turn photos or awards into NFTs to be auctioned off on OpenSea using Polygon, an environmentally friendly blockchain with low gas fees.

4. Picture Mosaic

The market leader in photo mosaics, Picture Mosaic lets you turn event-related images into beautiful mosaics. Not only are these mosaics visually engaging, they also act as their own social media within your event. Attendees can upload images and GIFs, find friends, comment on posts, and participate in mini-games like “Where’s Waldo?” or “prize squares.”

Attendee-generated content

5. Capsule

Capsule is a powerful video creation tool that turns a viewing audience into content contributors. Create virtual networking walls, introduction videos, testimonials, or video Q&A sessions with speakers. Just set the prompt and all attendees have to do is press record. Capsule’s auto-editing will turn recordings into branded videos that can be shared on all major social networks.

6. Testimonial

Capture testimonials from your audience in real-time and display them in your event. With options to submit video or text, Testimonial makes it easier than ever to capture your attendees’ reactions to your content, product, and more without having to do additional outreach. Testimonial takes attendees’ submissions and displays them as a “wall of love” that can be easily embedded in your website or registration pages for future events.

Social media buzz

7. Buzz Radar

This industry-leading social media visualization tool can now be used in your next Hopin event. Buzz Radar allows you to display social mentions around your event in fun, dynamic visuals. Encourage your audience to share their thoughts on their social channels and watch as those posts get incorporated into ever-changing visual displays.

Push the boundaries of your event experience today

The sky’s the limit (or should we say, the metaverse is the limit) for Hopin customers with these apps and our other Hopin partner applications –– all available in our App Store.

Looking to integrate your service with Hopin? Join our developer waitlist. Have an idea for a new app? Fill out our app request form.

Here’s to pushing the boundaries with your next event.

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