5 Ways to Improve Event Success With Hopin Integrations

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Hopin integrations make it easy to streamline event workflows and increase attendee satisfaction using all your favorite tools and apps.

Our integrations page is a one-stop to find and activate your preferred tools and apps. No more infinite tabs. No more jumping from app to app. We've put all the tools you use every day in a single place, so you can focus on what matters—creating delightful experiences for your attendees.

In this article, we explore some of the most impactful ways to use Hopin integrations to produce compelling virtual and hybrid events, all while saving your team time.

Note: Not all integrations are available for all plans. Check our integrations page for more details on a specific integration.

1. Improve attendee engagement

Successful virtual events depend on audience engagement. However, it can be challenging to find ways to keep remote attendees interested and involved. Here, we round up key integrations that help drive attendee engagement.

Create interactive sessions with Miro

Collaborating on static documents can often feel stale.

Our Miro integration provides access to a collaborative whiteboard platform that is perfect for brainstorming sessions and interactive workshops to maximize audience participation.

Imagine you’re thinking about some exciting new features for your product during your conference but you want customer feedback. You might use the Miro whiteboard and ask attendees to leave feature requests in real time on virtual sticky notes.

An approach like this helps participants feel more engaged compared to a standard presentation. Plus, it’s an efficient way to gather feedback from many customers at once.

The Hopin-Miro integration lets attendees collaborate on an interactive whiteboard.

Capture attendee feedback with Typeform

Audience feedback offers a powerful way to learn and to optimize your event marketing.

Our Typeform integration allows you to source ideas, questions, and feedback in real time—via surveys, Q&A, and quizzes that are surfaced directly within Hopin event spaces (e.g., Stage, Session, and Expo areas).

A common use case is to introduce a Typeform questionnaire at the end of a session—which provides an easy way to get individual feedback on session content. When your speaker is nearing the end of their presentation, simply direct attendees to leave feedback under the Typeform tab.

In-the-moment feedback gives you a more accurate picture of audience sentiment, rather than sending a survey after an event and waiting days or even weeks for responses.

With the Typeform integration, event managers can surface questionnaires within a Hopin event.

Add polls and Q&A with Slido

Hearing crickets during your event? Slido provides an easy way to turn quiet listeners to active audiences. It allows event managers to host live polls and quizzes during an event, which can boost the engagement value of roundtables, workshops, fireside chats, and more.

Drive audience participation during live sessions with the Hopin-Slido integration.

Socialize your event with Twitter

Keep your attendees in the loop with our Twitter integration, which lets you embed a Twitter wall directly into your event. You can encourage attendees to participate in hashtag campaigns you’re running on Twitter during your event, while also driving social media shares and engagement.

Include social conversations directly in your Hopin event with the Twitter integration.

2. Streamline event registrations

Managing your event registrations should be simple. No matter whether you're announcing your event for the first time or sending weekly emails about exciting new speakers, Hopin integrations can help you take charge of your attendee information.

Import and export registration data 

Hopin integrates with several online registration tools, such as Marketo and Cvent. No need to download and upload spreadsheets with event data; instead, just activate your preferred integration and bring registration data directly into Hopin or export attendee info after an event.

Easily send registration data to and from Hopin using integrations with tools like Marketo.

Run pre-event email campaigns with Mailchimp

Tools such as Mailchimp provide a great way to send registrants branded communications about your event. With this integration, you can easily send registration data from Hopin to Mailchimp as email lists for marketing or transactional email campaigns.

3. Drive lead generation

Turn attendees into leads

After your event, following up with attendees can help you secure quality leads for your organization. Our native integrations with platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce let you send attendee information from Hopin directly and seamlessly to your CRM.

Connect your Hopin event with all your customer engagement efforts via CRM integrations.

4. Gamify your event

Savvy event managers know that adding game mechanics within events can motivate specific attendee engagement.

Add quizzes and games with Kahoot!

Promote learning, encourage networking and connection, and add entertainment value with interactive games for your attendees. Our Kahoot! integration lets you add timed games and quizzes during workshops, trainings, and breaks. Combining these point-based challenges with prizes helps drive audience participation.

The Hopin-Kahoot! integration helps gamify learning and provides entertainment for attendees.

Host a virtual photo booth with Snapbar

Who said photo booths have to be in-person? Snapbar is a virtual and hybrid event photo booth provider, which allows your attendees to take fun selfies with stickers and effects. Photos can be taken in-person or online, and content can be shared on social media to expand awareness of your event.

Encourage attendees to promote your Hopin event through a virtual photo booth powered by Snapbar.

5. Improve accessibility

The surge in growth of online events over the last year has made it easier than ever for attendees from all over the world to participate in shared virtual experiences. To make the most of that broad, global reach, it's critical to ensure that your event is accessible.

Our Interprefy integration is one way to bridge the gap by removing language barriers for your attendees, so you can literally speak your attendees' language. This cloud-based solution lets you translate audio in real time for your Hopin event content.

The Interprefy integration interprets audio in real time for your Hopin event content.

Conclusion: Drive more value from your events

Hopin integrations allow event managers to increase efficiency and create more delightful experiences for online audiences. Taken together, they make it possible to drive greater impact for your event investment.

In future articles, we will share more actionable strategies on how to use Hopin integrations to help you build world-class virtual and hybrid events. For more information on the apps and tools Hopin partners with, visit our Hopin integrations page.

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