Turn hybrid events into human connections

We care deeply about connecting people. At Hopin, we believe in a future where every event enables all to attend - without sacrificing the quality of the experience for anyone, wherever they are.

”Traditionally, our Poland-based event attracts delegates from the central eastern european region. Since moving to a hybrid model, we’ve had speakers from Singapore to San Francisco and attendees from New Zealand and China. We’ve literally expanded our reach into a truly global audience in about three months, which would have taken us 6 years pre-COVID or purely as a physical event.”

Michael Chaffe
Vice President
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Collage of Wolves Summit event showing the stage and different speakers

“With Hopin, we’re able to reach geographies and emerging tech ecosystems we weren’t able to reach before, which opens us up to have meet-ups and pitch offs in locations that are not feasible for us to travel to for whatever reason. Not only that, but the amount of information and the data that we get from the platform is critical. It helps us learn how to get better, and how to make better connections between our attendees. Physical and in-person events will come back for TechCrunch, but everything moving forward will have this virtual layer on it.”

Enrico Dressler
Managing Director
Collage of TechCrunch's Disrupt 2021 event showing 2 men in green TechCrunch Disrupt shirts, the event stage and poster

“Hopin seamlessly connects onsite and virtual participants, providing a similar experience to each kind of attendee. Attendees can now attend events they might never have been able to attend in-person, increasing the range of the people, messages, products, and philosophies featured in the event by an order of magnitude.”

Enrico Dressler
Managing Director

Scale your brand awareness

Hybrid events allow you to reach a significantly larger audience and optimize the entire experience from planning to production to drive maximum value at every touchpoint.
  • Create multiple ticket types to maximize event revenue across different attendees.
  • Expand sponsorship opportunities at multiple levels across physical and virtual event spaces.
  • Boost event attendance with Hopin's email marketing tools that target the ideal attendees for your event.
  • Use Hopin's centralized registration for both your in-person and virtual attendees to analyze crucial data like ticket types, event tracks, and attendee interests all in one place.
Overview of Hopin's ticket selection and purchase process for a hybrid event with tickets being offered for in-person and virtual access

Optimize your in-person experience with
best-in-class onsite capabilities.

Digitize your live attendee data collection with
features like lead scanning, QR codes, event
feedback and more.
Enhance marketing efforts and engage attendees with your brand from the very start with self-service kiosks.
Provide a fully immersive experience for your attendees with cashless payments.
Admit entry to your event through QR code scanning, UHF/NFC, or face recognition.
Eliminate the stress, delays, and errors of pre-printing by printing badges simultaneously at check-in.
Allow exhibitors to digitally collect contact information and generate leads at your event all in the palm of their hands.

Produce professional, reliable streams easily leveraging StreamYard's innovative broadcast studio.

  • Fully branded streams with logos, banners, and overlays.
  • Add and remove up to 12 guests on screen.
  • Show audience chat comments on Stage.
  • Seamless slide sharing.
  • HD quality video, plus recordings and separated audio files for podcasting.
  • Stream pre-recorded video and countdowns.
Browser showing 2 event speakers respectively named Stephan and Annie speaking with each other; an NBC logo is on the left

Enhance audience interaction and engagement

Unlock a more immersive experience for your event attendees that allows them to more meaningfully connect to the event, the content, and to each other.
  • With the Hopin mobile app, in-person and virtual attendees can connect and engage, regardless of location.
  • Make your event more interactive and personalize the attendee experience through Hopin's app store integrations that include gamification and social media engagement.
  • Facilitate valuable connections between in-person and virtual attendees through both open and targeted networking experiences.
  • Utilize closed captioning and translations to provide a truly accessible experience for all attendees.
Mobile phone showing speaker live on stage during hybrid event while attendees are engaging with each other in real time

Access to Hopin's partner ecosystem

Access Hopin's ecosystem of partners and event agencies ready to help with everything from planning to execution of a best-in-class hybrid event.
  • Unlock exclusive deals through Hopin's access to specialized end-to-end event companies.
  • Elevate the details of your event capabilities through Hopin's agency partner ecosystem.
Woman sitting at a desk with her laptop on a video call with 3 other people

The future of events is here.

From creating next-gen hybrid experiences to driving social impact through corporate events, Hopin Illuminate explores the latest in event innovation.
Watch Hopin Illuminate sessions right now
 Illuminate logo, Hopin's hybrid event

Hopin is now offering
special product bundles
for Marriott Customers

An all-in-one event management platform that makes planning, producing, and reliving event experiences easier than ever.

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