Uptown Events has been working on corporate events for over 20 years. We have a large client base including a number of very large global companies who we have supported for their events throughout the UK and globally. We are trusted with our clients to manage their events and have changed our business due to Covid-19 in order to continue to support our clients virtually.

Uptown Events owns a large amount of AV equipment and has invested in more production since March 2020 in order to support the new requirements of virtual events. We have also invested a large amount of time to understand the Hopin platform and have extensive knowledge from producing a range of events for our clients.

The Uptown Events studio is available for our clients to stream their live events or to film any pre-recorded content. There is also a portable studio solution which can be set in offices or homes should this be required. We have a very experienced technical team who have worked on virtual events before Covid 19 changed the world!